updated - 12th November2016
  • Further to the report quoted 'below' the EGM is now arranged for the coming Monday 14th November 2016 at Ambleside at 7:30pm (19:30 hours).

    During an unofficial get-together of Committee members on the 31st October Ina Bonner announced that his brother, John, had agreed to act as Treasurer. However subsequently one of the 'Thursday riders', Mike Paterson, volunteered his services (with John standing down). Having gone over the 'books' with Mike I can see he knows his stuff and do not hesitate to recommend him as both Treasurer and COmmittee Member.

    "This year's AGM was far from straightforward - the resignations of three Committee members so close to the meeting presented the Club with unresolvable problems on the night. The Club is required, by Cycling UK regulations to have a Secretary and a Treasurer - so that, with the resignation of the Treasurer on the day of the AGM, the Club was left without an obligatory officer on its Committee.

    When voting was undertaken for these necessary Committee members, only the Secretary agreed to take on the next term of office. No-one present was willing to volunteer to be Treasurer. This meant that the Chair decided to call an EGM to be held sometime in the near future in order for time to be allowed to canvas other members as to their willingness to occupy this essential post. Ian Bonner, Brian Griffiths, Morgan Reynolds and Chris Steiner (as 'Webmaster') remain on the C'tee. The Chair, as I perceive it, remains pro-tem."

  • Thursday Ride Xmas Lunch to be held at the Oddies, Higham on December 8th. Gill Lord is organising. Cost will be £11.95.
  • Earlier this year the CTC 'umbrella' organisation - to which our subscriptions go and from which funding comes, decided to change its name to Cycling UK. There has been no formal decision, by the Committee, to change our current name from 'Nuneaton ctc Cycle Club' but, in view of the Organisation's change (if later confirmed by a vote of the Membership) it may be deemed appropriate to amend the local name in accordance.
  • The article on the Road Justice Campaign has been on the site for some time but I'm reluctant to completely scrub it. CTC’s Road Justice campaign began in June of 2013. What Rhia Weston stated, "The justice system is failing cyclists..." has not changed - we all see irresponsible drivers every time we go out on the bike. If successive governments can't protect cyclists by creating purpose-built cycle-ways, then failing to instruct the judiciary to throw the book at car and lorry drivers who threaten, injure, maim and commit manslaughter is a culpable dereliction of their responsibility to us as our leaders. It's almost as bad as the US gun-culture - as well as having the right to drive, motorists also don't want to take the responsibility that brings! Causing injury by not taking care should result in those rights being withdrawn - until the driver can demonstrate, by petitioning, that they've become able to drive responsibly. It's up to us to pressure the powers-that-be to shift their backsides. Take the opportunity whenever you can. Contact: rhia.weston@ctc.org.uk
  • A CTC member has to indicate which section receives his/her membership fee or, by default, it goes to the DA (if it exists) in which the member lives - that means anyone who lives in Leicestershire but rides with Nuneaton - unless they state to National - their membership money (or that part of it that is allocated out) is used by Leicestershire DA.
  • Julie Rand is the coordinator for CTC Member Groups. She aims to provide a good service and answer all your queries promptly via the new dedicated email direct link or on 01483 238308.