updated on - 17th March 2012
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  • Anne Taylor writes: For all those who have enjoyed walking or cycling in Weddington Fields or visiting the church in its lovely rural setting please look at the website below and help try to save this last patch of ancient meadow lands from housing development. Regards - Anne.

  • Keith Kondakor writes: Hi all It seems that Redrow are claiming they have burrowed their way out of providing cycling access between the site and the industrial area after already cheated us out of the bridge over the canal.

    Please object

    The condition states:-

    No building work shall commence on plots 101 to 123 inclusive, until the details of the proposed bus gate and cycleway link to Ballin Road have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Council in consultation with the Highway Authority. The bus gate and cycleway link shall be laid out and available for use prior to the completion of these plots or the roads serving these plots being open to the general public, which ever occurs first.
  • Keith Kondakor writes: Cycling route provision in Bedworth Town Centre is non-existent. The planning department at the Borough council ignores cyclists when considering most planning applications.

    The county council is focusing all its cycling efforts on the south of the county and refuses to discuss cycling in Bedworth.

    I have had a year long battle to get legal & safe cycling routes round the new oversized Tesco in Bedworth. I have totally failed to have any influence on officers or councillors. Tesco have a lot of influence after giving around £1 million to the borough and Tesco is paying the county council around £1.1 million for the road changes to supply traffic to its car park.

    The Borough council hasd ignored the needs of cyclists, pedestrians and bus services when it granted planning permission with undue haste in 2010. The county council refuses to provide cycle lanes or controlled crossings around the Leicester street – George street Ringway junction. They have ignored their own policy in order to keep Tesco happy.

    Cycling is illegal going north on Leicester street. Tesco’s responses to a late cycle safety audit proposed cyclists should cut though the car park under the development and use pedestrian routes!

    Keith Kondakor Nuneaton and District Friends of the Earth
  • Michele Kondakor writes:

    KFC are proposing to submit a planning application to build a KFC drive-thru' 'restaurant' on the site of the former Graziers Pub on the Weddington Road. It is currently at the pre-planning consultation phase.

    The traffic impact in that already congested area, in an air quality management zone, does not really bear thinking about. Plus the negative health impacts, potential litter etc.

    Please send in your comments to the planning consultant ASAP (ignore question 3 - we do not want either option).

    I have attached the comments form ( which also has an e-mail contact).

    We need to try and stop this before it gets any further than pre-planning.

    Please forward this to all your friends/family.

    Thank you.

    Michele Kondakor Nuneaton and District Friends of the Earth