updated 20th May 2019


Contact Ally Jones through Facebook.

Social rides usually Sunday 9am from Whitestone shops Nuneaton. 50-70 mile rides ave 16-18mph. Page on Facebook.

Regular club rides are held Sunday mornings and these rides are around 40-50 miles, always with a cafe stop and at a pace of between 15-17 mph average.

We should give all the support possible to the Indie's campaign. It is far more dangerous and uncomfortable being a cyclist in this "green and sceptred isle" than just about any where else in western Europe. I was in Ghent last November and was astonished by the consideration drivers give to cyclists and pedestrians alike. We all know how the Dutch view cycling and how they've developed a cycling infrastructure - so why not here. In France the onus after an accident between a motor vehicle and a cyclist (s) is to prove they weren't being negligent. We allow our motorists far too much leeway - the nasty attitude of a significant number of car and van drivers isn't nipped in the bud by legislation and a sharper response by the police. You've only to ask John Cooper about his experience with one such thug and the Police's lax response to the incident!